I highly recommend Angels Remodeling. I used them for my home renovation project. They essentially designed and rebuilt the entire second floor of our house. From day 1 to completion, they were professional and incredibly helpful. They kept me informed of everything that was happening. The owner, Gilson, was in full control of the entire project. Whenever I had questions, I was able to get in contact with Mr. Gilson  Silva immediately. He always picked up his phone and was able to quickly provide an answer and update. If I had a particular question about something I saw, he was very quick to come by and give his perspective on the issue. We feel fortunate to have used Angels Remodeling to renovate our house. The final product was stunning and we could not be happier.                                                 

Laura Zhou, Project date July 2018

Best planners with the highest integrity. Supervision was meticulous and the project was well-managed. They provide timely notices and project updates. Mr. Gilson  Silva was very helpful on giving guidance and direction along the way. He clearly has a lot of experience in home renovation. Angels Remodeling gave a reasonable and competitive price.  I am quite satisfied with the result.                              

Peter Jones, Project date March 2017

One of my fondest memories was coming home to find one of the craftsman working on a portion of the project, excited to share what they were doing and how proud they were of their work. Many thanks to the professionals at Angels Remodeling.     


 Victor Anderson, Project date January 2017

My husband and I love working with Angels Remodeling, Gilson especially we consider a family friend not just a paid professional.   The crews are professional from start to finish.  They arrive early and work without incident.  What started out as one contract to remodel 2 bathrooms grew into several (I actually lost count) for a total home remodel including several exterior projects.   From the beginning they set themselves apart from other potential contractors by making recommendations to enhance the scope of the project that we hadn't considered.  Neighbors, as well as family and friends point out the quality of work and the overall updated look of the house.    

Kenneth and Margaret Jackson, 2017 projects


The name is fitting, Angels Remodeling are a team of miracle workers. They completed our dream kitchen, remodeled two bathrooms to perfection, designed clever custom furniture and shelving throughout, restored and rebuilt 1920's arches. And all the while they came up with ideas of their own to breathe new life into our grand old fixer-upper. They were extremely detail-oriented and fair. The work took months, and their dedication to quality never wavered. We're extremely lucky to have found them.

Devyani Kar & Plamen Arnaudov, 2018 projects